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Angels & Heroes are Community Learning Partnership's own learning & community champions. Our Angels & Heroes are made up of existing and past learners, who have been energized with the joy of learning and who want to bring this sense of excitement & enthusiasm to the rest of the community. We aim to bring digital literacy and learning opportunities for families and adults within our communities. Enjoy.
Elizabeth Borg - Director

Working with learning champions to promote your service

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CLP Angel Georgie champions family learning
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CLP Angel Georgie gave up one of her free days during the February half-term to take part in a community event in Watford. The family information day was held at the Meriden Community Centre in Watford, and organised by the wonderful team at Berrygrove Children's Centre.

When we asked for a volunteer to help us run a stall promoting CLP's family learning programmes, Georgie was first in the queue, although very nervous as she hadn't done anything like it before. Although she was biting her fingernails as we drove to the venue, she said afterwards that it 'was a really good experience'.

Here's what she told us:

What made you decide to volunteer?

Georgie: I hadn't done anything like that before, and I wanted to try it out because I thought it would be good practice for when we have stands in other schools. I also thought I'd be able to get some good contacts for our next family learning festival.

How did you feel before you got there?

Georgie: I was soooo nervous! I wasn't sure what to expect, and when I get nervous I get tongue-tied and don't pronounce my words properly. I was worried about how I'd come across.

Q: What helped you get over your nerves?

Georgie: Elizabeth and Christine helped me out, and 'winged' me into the flow. They told me to be myself, speak from the heart, and out of my own experiences of doing family learning with my son. I also found that if I spoke to the children first, it was easier to start speaking to their parents after that.

What did you learn?

Georgie: I learned about other charities and providers in our area. It was really good to know what's out there. I didn't know anybody was doing anything about anything, but there's loads of organisations helping us all out. It was also nice to see what Christine and Elizabeth get up to when they're not teaching!

Did you learn any new skills?

Georgie: I learned how to approach people that I didn't know, and it boosted my confidence.

So, how did you feel at the end of the day?

Georgie: I felt really good - much better. I really enjoyed myself in the end.

What tips would you have for anybody else who might like to help out on the CLP stand?

Georgie: Don't worry about anything. Just be yourself, and talk to people in your normal voice about your own experience of family learning.

Thanks, Georgie, for all of your help. You were a real natural, and who better to promote family learning than someone who has actually taken part in it. I'm sure parents would prefer to hear about it from you, rather than us!!

Kellie's learning champion story South Oxhey

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The First CLP Angel Story - Kellie's Experience

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Kellie's is the first of many South Oxhey Angel stoires. We hope they will inspire you with she confidence to join a family learning course. Who knows? it could be the start of an exciting new journey for you...

I had never heard of family fun until my daughter came home with a flyer in her bag. She was in the reception class and struggling. I was nervous about doing a storysack course, but decided that I needed to do it to help my daughter. The course was great fun for my daughter and me. I went on to do many more family fun courses, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. More importantly, I learnt how to help my daughter with her literacy and numeracy.

When my daughter was in year 3, I started doing some voluntary office work for Community Learning Partnership alongside my midday supervisor job at the school. After some time of volunteering, I was delighted when Community Learning Partnership offered to pay me to work for them for a few hours a week. I gave up my job as a midday supervisor at the school and became a fully-fledged member of Community Learning Partnership. Some months later, they asked if I would like to work 16 hours a week for them - of course I said yes!

I never thought that when I started doing family fun courses, all those years ago, that it would change my life.

There are so many positive reasons to do family fun courses. I have spent quality time with my daughter and learnt how to help her with her school work. I myself have gained confidence and qualifications in literacy and numeracy. I am particularly proud of the numeracy qualification because it was always a poor subject at school for me.

I would implore anyone with children to do a family fun course. The tutors are very friendly, and in time you will make new friends and gain more confidence.

CLP Wonderful Angels Reaching Communities

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Community Learning Partnership Angels are set to transform themeselves and their communities

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We are soooo happy to be developing and collaborating with our fantastic learners who have kindly volunteered to become community champions in the form of Angels.

These wonderful people have come through the ranks of learners and have been so inspired by our friendly and fun approach to learning that they want to share this feeling and energy with the rest of our communities.

ElizBorg: We’d like to introduce you to our learning champions.

Christine.wp: Get you! learning champions? Are you talking about our Angels?

ElizBorg: I know they’re our Angels but remember: not everyone knows about our Angels

Christine.wp: Well let’s tell them then!!

ElizBorg: Who are the CLP Angels?

Christine.wp: Well, they are fantastic people - parents who came on our courses with their children and have been so inspired that they wanted to be part of our Angel idea.

ElizBorg: You mean Will’s Angel Idea.

Christine.wp: Okay then, Will’s idea that we ran with.

ElizBorg: Shall we say how our learning champions became Angels or how our Angels became learning champions.

Christine.wp: Well both happened at the same time, didn’t they?

ElizBorg: Go on then…

Christine.wp: Well – those fine people up at HAFLS asked us if we would like to be part of a project to train people to be learning champions who would enthuse other adults into learning…

ElizBorg: …and we immediately thought of our wonderful learners in South Oxhey because they are so enthusiastic and we just knew they would love to be part of this…

Christine.wp: …even those who didn’t know they wanted to be part of it yet!

ElizBorg: …And once we told them about the idea they were up for it

Christine.wp: We ran an 8-week course where the Angels looked at different aspects of learning, amongst other things: how they could help others overcome barriers to learning; how CLP could remove some barriers and what the Angels could do to support this.

ElizBorg: One of the things the Angels did was identify what learning was available in South Oxhey and make suggestions for improvements and gaps.
Christine.wp: That was amazing! The Angels blew my socks off that day with the fab, fab ideas they came up with.

Christine.wp: Then we realised that the Angels could do so much more to serve their community. To do really wonderful things that would create a buzz and encourage others to start a learning journey and at the same time for the Angels to take the next steps in their own journeys.

ElizBorg: Our Angels have fantastic stories to tell and you mustn’t miss reading them later….there are magnificent stories containing emotion, transformation, courage, bravery, tenacity and enthusiasm.

Christine.wp: We have a fabulous bond with our Angels. They inspire us and we want each Angel to uncover so far unhidden talents and learn new skills so they can be fulfilled in their lives and be amazing role models for their children and families.

ElizBorg: We are currently at the beginning stages of putting together volunteer roles for our angels. We plan to help our angels to spread their wings into outreach, filming, digital story-telling, fundraising, mentoring…..and lots more!
ElizBorg: CLP Angels are a tight- knit team, and we all keep in touch with one another by texting, Facebooking and e-mail as well as regular Angel meetings with lunch and laughter.

Christine.wp: Then spread this out amongst all our friendly families in Hertfordshire… brace yourself Borehamwood: you’re next for the Angel treatment!!

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